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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hardball Indeed

Sermons of several pastors in Houston have been subpoenaed.

Yes, that's right, in a fishing expedition by lawyers for the defendants in a lawsuit, sermons given by evangelical pastors who are not party to the lawsuit in question  have had their preaching subpoenaed.

It's all to do with an attempted repeal of an equal rights ordinance.

I have no opinion on the ordinance, I have not read it, (as opposed to what opponents and supporters have to say about it,) but I will say, when I was a kid and the national equal rights amendment was a hot top, "right wing crazies" complained that the amendment would make single sex public conveniences illegal.

I am not quoting anyone above, that was my opinion when I was in school - right wing crazies.

Their fears seemed not only fanciful, but without merit - so what? who cares if men and women use the same bathroom?

That, of course, was before  the fear that sexual predators lurked behind every shrub and stall door/
And before i was old enough to accept the fact that slopes are slippery.

And before w learned, or at least were shouted at  were instructed by our betters that the idea of there being two sexes was merely an artificial construct.

Before the issue of which locker room to use became a source of confusion in junior hockey.

And WAAAAAY before articles like this tome (seriously, if you don't have an hour to read it.... ) from the New York Times about the ups and downs of thinking that ones sex is a matter of the will, and how hard it is when a person, or in this cas,e an institution, accepts one irrational premise, and then tries to make sense of the irrational worlds they have thereby created.

I wonder if one day such persons and institutions will call it speciesism for curmudgeons like me to refuse to acknowledge that someones identifying as, say, a giraffe makes him a giraffe.

Or a cockroach.

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