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Friday, 24 October 2014

"More evil than sin?" The Domestication of Sin

Pope Francis spoke to the International Association of Penal Law, and rightly decried the evil that those with power over others may commit, even if exercising that power is just, even if detention is just, even if punishment is just.

Sins committed by the powerful are almost always more grave than those attempted by the powerless.

But then:
Corruption is a process of death … more evil than sin. An evil that, instead of being forgiven, must be cured.
Huh? Such corruption IS sin.

And are there other sins which shouldn't be cured?

Isn't that kind of what the trumoil of the last month, lasy year, is about?
Some in authority in the Church suggesting that there are sins we just kinda need to... well, domesticate?
And then they can just go their merry way?

The Holy Father needs  a more careful "speech writer," if he is not up to the task.

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