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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Michael Collins vs. Chivas?

I hate when I have a taste, a subjective judgement THAT I CANNOT VERBALIZE!

If I cannot put into them into words, I doubt my thoughts.

I find Irish, (not necessarily MC, not even sure why I mentioned thta,) even cheap one, smooth and interesting and ever-so-palatable.

I find Scotch loathsome.

Maybe I need to find and chew on a lump of peat. That may be the difference, from what others have said to me, the peatieness of the water used in the distillation process.
(Is there no peat in Ireland? we know there is.)
But I don't really know -- and I am not talking about a slight preference, but an absolute  paean to one and an equally absolute couldn't-drink-it-with-my-mouth-closed detestation for the other.

Oh, well....

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