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Thursday, 12 June 2014

A "Love Song" to the Lord

Over at ChantCafe, Mary Jane Ballou has embedded a video of an intensely beautiful movement from a Requiem Mass by one Steve Dobrogosz, an American ex-pat composer living in Sweden.

The breadth of genres in which he writes seems to defy description, jazz, pop, "world music," a sort of neo-romantic classical, bluegrass.... 

The composers own website offers quite a lot of music for listening and purchase, and SheetMusicPlus seems to have quite a bit more -- his Nunc Dimittis is described as "Simeons lovsang," and Magnificat as "Marias lovsang."

I probably wouldn't be tempted to use these, too pop for litrugy, IMO, but isn't that beautiful? that in, (what I assume is) Swedish, "canticle" is "lovsang"?

A love song to the Lord.

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