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Friday, 13 June 2014

Seriously, Your Graces and Eminences and Holiness, why'd ya change that?

Throughout my entire adult Catholic life I've had those huh? moments, (that's what I call them in public, instead of invoking whiskey, and twenties-ish dances like the foxtrot and tango....) where something doesn't quite make sense, or something is missing, or something wonderful but "new" resonates with me instantly -- and I learn, "oh, it used to be this way, but they changed it to this way."

It happens a lot with the calendar.
Really? REALLY, Council Fathers? ya thought taking it away from a date and just sticking it onto the nearest Sunday when we're obligated to go to Mass any way would seem to make this holy day seem MORE important?

For the last thirty years or so, I've noticed every single Pentecost, every single parish in which I've lived, every single who has preached, tries to convince us that this is one of the most important feast, most significant, even more than [fill in the blank holy day] --oh, you took away its octave, because instantly putting up different banners, or flowers, and switching to green (like window dressers at a department store putting out the Valentine's Day stuff at 6:01 pm on December 24,)  and calling it "ordinary" to make it more special?

Punch and cookies after Mass does not cut it if you are trying to indicate that this is a more solemn day than most of us think.
(And I won't even go into the denigration of the word "solemn" by the liturjests and their Useful Idiots.)

No, no, the Mass is a banquet, it's a celebration, it's a happy time, fasting before hand gives the wrong idea, let's change the rubrics so that as long as they're not actively snacking in church, they're probably good to go for Communion.

Anyway, I love the Litany of the Saints, when I was a child it was one of my favorite things, that and the Exultet made the Paschal Vigil, when I was finally old enough to go as wondrous as Christmas.
I have sung it a lot, (more times in the Becker concoction than I care to have,) minimum of 14 times a year at my old parish, (three times for each scheduled group baptism alone.)

Until a blogger mentioned it in regard to the tragic murder of the priest in Phoenix, and the need for the sacrament of confessions, I did not know this line, which.... you know where this is going.... USED TO BE IN THE LITANY UNTIL THEY REMOVED IT FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES.
A subitanea et improvisa morte, líbera nos, Dómine.

From sudden and unrepentant, or unprovided death deliver us, Lord!

Okay, guys, you wanted a new translation, I can understand if you wanted to change or eliminate certain words -- but why eliminate the specific intention of those words?
Because a lot of you basically think the sacrament of confession is useless?
Because God is all-merciful, you decided you could stop reminding us to, um... actually ASK for His mercy?

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