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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Seven Prayers of St John Fisher

Sometimes called the Seven Sentences, they were part of a devotional St John wrote for his sister while in prison awaiting his martyrdom at the hands of Henry VIII and his headsman.
There's a good article about them, and a meditation on them, here.
I was thinking that put into simpler, no that's wrong they are beautifully simple, put into more contemporary language I might use them for religious ed this year.

O blessed Jesu, make me to love Thee entirely.

O blessed Jesu, I would fain, but without Thy help I cannot.

O blessed Jesu, let me deeply consider the greatness of Thy love towards me.

O blessed Jesu, give unto me grace heartily to thank Thee for Thy benefits.

O blessed Jesu, give me good will to serve Thee and to suffer.

O sweet Jesu, give me a natural remembrance of Thy Passion.

O sweet Jesu, possess my heart, hold and keep it only to Thee.

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