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Sunday, 15 June 2014

What is more carelessly elegant than a dinner jacket?

I had almost forgotten that for most of my twenties an oversized vintage tuxedo jacket was my "uniform."
Like the Jersey Lily's black mourning dress, it seemed appropriate for any occasion and beyond frugal, (black outerwear doesn't require much in the way of dry-cleaning if you're careful. )
It could literally be worn over virtually any item of clothing I owned or was likely to own and seemed to project whatever it was I thought I wanted to project about myself.

I miss it sometimes.
The joys of living on the outskirts of one of the wealthiest communities in the country, which happens to be seasonal - the birds have flown north after dropping off their wardrobes at the St Vincent de Paul.
I was dropping off  a stack of Himself's paperbacks, and there was a nearly new, creamy, shawl collared, Jos. Banks dinner jacket.

I arranged to come back the next day with some money, (only $5, but no, I didn't have that much in my purse...arghhh!) bought it, brought it home, and to be honest, wasn't sure whether I was really just pretending to hope it would fit Himself.

But in any case, it didn't, and now I'm pretending to be in my 20s again.

Odd thing, the texture is so lovely I assumed it was a silk/linen blend or something, but I understand Jos A Banks only makes such a jacket in wool. All my life I have believed myself to be extremely allergic to wool, (wearing my late lamented tux was only saved from hair-shirtary by dint of it's satin lapel to lie against my neck, and the fashion for turning sleeves up so that only the lining touched my wrists.)
I have had no reaction to this, so I'm wondering if I'm not allergic to wool, but merely sensitive, and then only if its coarse.

So ya see, expensive wool...

Life would have been so much simpler if I were a millionaire.... ;oP

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