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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

All things considered, I'd rather be in Phildelphia....

No, no, I am not disparaging Philthy-delphia Philadelphia, just quoting Caustic Boresavage.

Rather than mention the name of a particular hamlet and then explain where and what it is, as we prepare to head north, Himself has simply said, "going to Chicago."

Well, little did he know that amongst the denizens of the nursing home/assisted living facility where he ministers, and where he said this more than once, "gone to Chicago" is the residents' euphemism for having died.

Kind of like the witches who left for Bloksbjerg yesterday.

Me, I would rather be in Bloksbjerg, or Philadelphia, or Chicago, or just about anywhere, the solstice came and it was as if the weather gnomes flipped a switch. I may hibernate...

Florida seems to be filled with old people, but I'm beginning to think that is not, as commonly believed, because people retire to here when they are old.

Florida MAKES them old.

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