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Friday, 13 June 2014

Speaking of "Christmas Carol" Movies...

... (and I was,) Himself and I have a conceit that technology will soon give us the power to watch classics, old favorites, even cult films, and recast them without altering anything else about the film.

So I, for instance, would be able to watch his favorite, Gone With The Wind, same direction, art directions, etc, mostly the same cast, but Errol Flynn as Rhett. (So sue me, I don't get Clark Gable.)

We celebrate Scroogeapalooza ever year, a marathon in which we even watch filmed versions of the Dickens classic that we don't like (I regret having given away the VHS of the otherwise boring musical with the HYSTERICALLY fay Marley of the great Alec Guinness.)
I hope to be able to add an Irish big screen production this year that I saw the trailer for last, (when we were able to add some not very good Golden-Age-Of-Televsion iterations into the mix.

We sit around eating Christmas cookies, (I have developed a recipe called Scrooge's Change of Heart, that I need to remember to share,) drinking toddies, and imagining the perfect hybridization of them all.
Alistair Sim, but he has to do that bit that Patrick Stewart, oh, Edward Woodward is PERFECT, doesn't that Belle break your heart, I don't care that it's not in the book, gotta add that little scene where, make her costume dirtier for pete's sake....

Okay, I want to combine these two activities.
Joel Grey was fantastic, so was Angela Pleasance, but I want them to use the Lord of the Rings tricks and make this glorious woman seem to only come up to about Scrooge's elbow without changing her proportions in any way, and make her the Spirit of Christmas Past.

She can keep the lipstick if she wants, but she MUST keep the hair.

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