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Thursday, 19 June 2014

"But everyone else is...."

(The voice of Scelata's Mom whispers in her memory, "Well, if everyone else were jumping off a bridge...")

Perhaps I would have had more success had I importuned her, "But Mom, you don't want to be on the wrong side of history, do you?"

Sometimes it seems as if the arguments being made about a thousand and one current hot button, (or cool button,) issues amount to little more than that "everyone else" thinks/feels/believes thus-and-such a way, why can't YOU?
(You Catholic, you Democrat, you classical fan, you prude, you golf fan, you preferrer of coffee ice cream to chocolate, you....)

My family, and I am sure, consequently, I myself, are great offenders in this regard, we can't BELIEVE our auditors don't agree with us, and our tone of voice is as likely to convey contempt as surprise.

I try not to, but sometimes I don't really notice myself doing it.
I am a great not-noticer.
My "what?" in response to Himself's suggestion as to who would be perfection cast in a specific role in a movie that had been announced must have been, I realize in retrospect more of a "WHAAAAAAAAAAT??!??@??$??%!!!!!!?????" than a "what?"
What I then failed to notice was that he had stopped talking to me, and his silence lasted the next 300 miles as we drove cross country.

The "but everyone else" line of reasoned argument is now often phrased, "you are on the wrong side of history," as if what seemed to be happening was ipso facto what should be happening.
It's a foolish, panglossian thing to say -- do you suppose Hindenburg finally gave in and appointed Hitler as chancellor because enough people had told him he was "on the wrong side of history"?

As much as the chattering class likes to use the "wrong side of history" cliche, it is no more cogent an argument than "but, Mom, everyone else is in favor of same-sex 'marriage'," would be.

Although so-called "marraige equality" wasn't really what I was thinking about -- I was thinking about the admittance to Communion of those who are in "irregular" situations.

I am worried by the sloppy thought, or so it seems to me, of Cdl. Kasper.
To paraphrase a moe auust Cardinal,  St John Fisher, (whose feast day is this Sunday,) even if all the experts and wise people, and all of the other people of the world, from the beginning of time until now, joined with the entire consent of the arbiters of the Zeitgeist, I must account my own side, if it is what my faith, and my Faith tell me, much the surer.
But I am not alone in my stance, I am happy, nay, relieved to say.
The Prayer of  St John Fisher - 
Good Lord, set in thy Church
strong and mighty pillars
that may suffer and endure great labours,
which also shall not fear persecution,
neither death,
but always suffer with a good will,
slanders, shame and all kinds of torments,
for the glory and praise of thy holy Name.
By this manner, good Lord,
the truth of thy Gospel
shall be preached throughout the world.
       Therefore, merciful Lord, exercise thy mercy,
       show it indeed upon thy Church.

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