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Thursday, 26 June 2014

“Sacrifice is the language of love”

Wow, sometimes you find something exactly when you need to, (or when the people who have to put up with you need you to....)

I don't think I read anything about the pastoral letter of Bishop James Conley, Diocese of Lincoln when it came out a few months back. The text can be found here (pdf, sorry.)

Important stuff, and an important reminder that I've got to stay out of the bear pits of blogdom a bit more, and make more time to search out reading that might actually, I dunno, improve me? And it's odd, because the apparent subject, the matter most people would probably focus on is irrelevant to me, at this stage o my life. But the principles are not.
Love—real love—is about sacrifice, and redemption, and hope. Real love is at the heart of a rich, full life. We are made for real love. And all that we do—in our lives, our careers, and our families, especially—should be rooted in our capacity for real, difficult, unfailing love.

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