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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Learning How To Raise Funds

When I was a kid, I remember hearing that a middle-aged woman, someone for whose kids I babysat was returning to school to take a single course in college -- "grant writing."
I thought that sounded absurd! I mean, I fill out forms all the time, look at applying to college in the first place, ya mean you need a class to teach you how to apply for a grant?

So dumb, so naive....

Via Zenit, St Meinrad's (WONDERFUL place,) is hosting "Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy's Lake Institute on Faith & Giving's..... pilot program [offering an] Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF) September 8-11, 2014."

I think there is a great need for something like that -- so many good people and good organizations are as naive as I was, and need to know how to make certain their good work can last, can remain viable economically

Topics include, Shaping a Theology of Money, Fundraising as Ministry and Nurturing Generous Congregations.

My old diocese had a new program every couple of years with the word "stewardship" in the title, requiring the parish purchase a whole bunch of new books, forms, leaflets, charts and posters.

Very thrifty....

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