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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Is this going to become a thing?

I've never been good at the "Where were you when......?" game.
I don't remember what I was doing when Reagan was shot, or when I heard that St John Paul had been elected, or that Kurt Cobain or Elvis died.

Now, with 24/7 news' need to fill air time, there is a constant aggrandising of odd anniversaries of even minor events. Can you believe it's been 23 years? tune in tonight when Anderson Cooper presents an hour devoted to the anniversary of the opening of the Megalo-mart in West Podunk!

LA Weekly remembers, and I guess expects you to remember, Where were you when O.J. fled? as if that's a thing.

Oddly enough, that's something I actually do remember with precision, because after a show, a cast of which I was a member had all gone out together for a drink, like any sports bar, this place had a zillion screens and every one was tuned to the chase of the Explorer, or Suburban, and, as it happens, someone in the cast was not entertained, (was the Simpson murder and trial what turned tragedy and ugliness into "info-tainment" for America?) he knew Simpson, he had been in rehab with Simpson.

(I also remember where I was when Michael Jackson died, because we were getting ready for a liturgy in the chapel at Loyola during a CMAA Colloquium, and some idiot had news on his phone and somehow thought that was important enough to share, that we all needed to know.)

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