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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Worst TV show ever?

I saw a bit of something called Dominion last night.
I figured it was pretty awful, but might be fun?
There are times when I can really get down with some awful tv.

Martial angels, and a Road Warrior-esque dystopian future?
Gaudy, depressing, over-the-top art direction that gives a nod to both Blade Runner AND Showgirls? (Very nearly the best and worst movies ever made?)
That's a head mix.

(I hadn't known of certain aspects of the plot beforehand, such as the fact that the "god" is MIA, or that there is a new creepy Las Vegas religion.)

A review I'd come across said, in so many words, that Dominion was so bad it couldn't even be made into a drinking game, that if you dared try, you would make yourself sick and die alone.

Now, as someone whose tastes in both televised and alcoholic entertainment are so unformed she has no trouble sipping Chateau de Boîte en Carton, I could almost have looked on that as a challenge.

I mean nothing could be as bad as the reviewer said, right?

Omiwerd, it was worse.

I was very, very sorry for the actors I recognized, but everybody need to eat and pay their health insurance premiums, I suppose.
Can't remember, but I think one of these was in it:

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