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Friday, 6 June 2014

"Do you love me?"

No, neither yentaing   nor goldeing...
"But, do you love me?"
         " You're a fool! You know I do, Lord"

Way wonderful homily this morning, superb, about the fact that in today's Gospel,  Peter answered in a facile way,(I'm paraphrasing here nad throughout,) sure he felt love, he felt phileo. ""Hey, bro! Hey buddy!"

But Christ wan't "Buddy Jesus".
And Christ wasn't looking for phileo.
Christ was asking for agapao.

Unconditional Love.
The Love of complete commitment.
The Love that loves and cares not for the cost.

Love that is, we can say, heroic.

The kind of Love those we celebrate and commemorate today know a little something about.

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