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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Some Activities Require Your Attention

Some activities require your nearly undivided attention.

Yes, even though commercials may feature someone, say, rock climbing... and simultaneously doing her banking on a smart phone?

Yeah, not a good idea.

A friend likes to say there's no one stupider than a teenager -- I think I would revise that, every individual is at his own, personal "stupidest" at some point during his teen years.
A Washington teenager was on the phone with her mother as she hiked alone on a mountain in Alaska, saying she was nervous about the slippery terrain before her mother heard a scream, and then silence.

Anyway, I would not be laughing about this, were the girl not unharmed.

So kids, don't text or talk on the phone while driving.
Or while operating heavy machinery. (Or while operating on a surgical patient, for that matter.)
Or while using a chain saw.
Or while performing a triple lutz.
Or while crossing a pirhana infested river on a fallen tree.
Or while in negotiation with armed border guards in the Ukraine.
Or while fleeing from a crazed and rabid wolverine.
Or while singing the Queen of the Night's Vengeance Aria.

Oh, did someone forget to say, "or while traversing slippery mountain trails"?

Yeah, that too.

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