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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Enough Preaching to the Choir

Sometimes, hanging out in areas of the internet that specialize in a special facet of a speciality -- you know what I mean, you end up saying and reading things that everyone who hangs out there already knows.
Such is often the case with Catholic sacred music and liturgy -- liturgical musicians talk about things we wish desperately Catholic NON-liturgical musicians knew, (oddly non-CATHOLIC musicians often are already aware of these things.)

I remember practically dancing a jig a number of years ago when Amy Welborn had a post about "the propers" a term and a concept previously nearly unknown to her.

Well Jimmy Akins, (whose expertise is essentially apologetics, I believe,) has a 'Secret Info' email list, it's interesting, easily digestible things about the Faith, often, it seems so far, culled from the works of future Doctor of the Church Pope Benedict XVI, so, as you'd imagine, it really appeals to me.

The one sitting in my inbox today is, 7 Liturgical Terms You Need to Know.

It will be great, from my point of view, if his readership all know what Antiphon, Ordinary, Proper and Rubrics mean (I admit, I'm near to giving up on Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, and I don't know how the average PIP's spiritual life will be affected by knowing that what used to be called a prayer is a Collect, or what Epiclesis means. )

Anyway, y'all go read this, and sign up for his stuff.
I've even gotten past the fact that he's a man with red hair.

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