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Friday, 13 June 2014

The German Sense of Humor

Okay, from reading various reviews and articles about Rosenkavalier and Strauss, (honest, I'll stop soon,) I've come across a few mentions, some facetious and some not, about the Germanic approach to humor, and I was reminded of them by a pretty funny bit on Colbert with his fake German UN ambassador bringing his usual sweetness and optimism to all topics, in this case, the futility of a sporting competition, (on which, gee willickers, I'd have to agree with him .)

He reminded me of a monologist of whom I have not thought for years, and whom I loved, Brother Theodore.

Pre-Youtube, it would have been a passing thought, but  NOW -- well, I can re-watch all his Letterman appearances.
I think he was a genius;  and what a life, what a strange life -- who can say how much of his frenzied pessimism was an act, however funny it was?

But I never noticed before, (they were never
in my line of vision at the same time,)  he bore a certain resemblance to my favourite German.
(And this is NOT mockery, I truly love them both)

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