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Friday, 6 June 2014

High School Theatrics, and Feeling Old

My recollection, (and is may be faulty,) is that there was a small kerfuffle over our drama club's choice of Once Upon a Mattress for the (public!) high school musical because the dramatis personae of the medieval themed farce includes a pregnant out-of-wedlock  lady(-no-longer)-in-waiting.

How things have changed.

A retiring teacher with the sweet demeanor of Phyllis from The Office,

 has issued an apology over some choices:
A Washington high school teacher has apologized after an awards ceremony involved jokes about priests abusing children, and sex toys given as prizes. 
The formal apology was made by Bellingham High School drama teacher Teri Grimes after a complaint was made by one of the parents who attended the event - but stormed out in disgust.

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