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Friday, 20 June 2014

So they say...

So I'm driving along and some caterwauling comes on the Catholic station to which I'm listing and I switch to the local classical, and something beautiful and choral is on, and I recognize the harmonies as Laurdisen's, and suddenly realize, ah, these must be the Rose Songs, I've only really heard the last one, and suddenly I am sobbing.

Sobbing, and sobbing, as if my heart is broken, and this wave of... what? regret?
Yes, a kind of tender and resigned regret.
And I continue weeping and weeping, and I don't know why, I barely know the music, don't even know the words other than the title, but I cannot contain what is inside me.

Why, what is it? I have nothing to regret. I'm still in mourning for a death, but there was nothing left unsaid, nothing unfinished.

But somehow, the tune? the chords? regardless of the creators' intent, (it's a love osn,g no?) I don't know but the entire piece is such a lamnet...
It speaks to me, I hear it in my heart, it feel like a dagger

What am I feeling, pangs of remorse? disappointment?

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