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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Change Takes Time

I just discovered that my diocese puts their Liturgy Newsletter online in PDF for all to access.
Strong Reminder-Responsorial Psalm
The Responsorial Psalm is NOT to be replaced by a song, even if that song is loosely based on the psalm in question. We do not paraphrase or reword the Readings or the Gospel from Sacred Scripture. The Responsorial Psalm is also part of Sacred Scripture and the same respect should be given to the Psalm as to the Readings. If you cannot find an appropriate psalm setting to sing, by all means simply recite the Psalm of the day.
I didn't think anyone was still doing that.
Although now that I think of it, I knew people, half a continent away, who did, and I suppose, from the vehemence with which they turned down my offer of multiple copies of user-friendly manuscripts of simple, limited range chants of the most requested funerary psalms, they do so still.

On t'other hand, this...
To reiterate instructions given in previous Liturgical Newsletters, following the implementation of the Roman Missal, Third Edition, and in accordance with the principles of Liturgiam Authenticam, only the approved translation of the Agnus Dei is to be done at liturgies.
.... still needs saying, to my certain knowledge.
Some people simply will not be told.

(Wonder how man times this admonition has appeared in the newsletter....)

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