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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Majority Rule, Shmajority Rule...

Myself, I've always inclined to the benevolent dictatorship or monarchy.

I'm reading --  oh, who am I kidding?
I'm SKIMMING a book called something like "What Really Happened in Rome?" a nearly contemporaneous account of VC II, and there seems to be a great tendency by the author, in any matter that he believes went The Wrong Way, to appeal to the value of democracy as if that were an absolute, with no possibility at all that his readers  or any Right Thinking Human Beings wont agree.

Maybe it's because I am from a large family -- where had there been 11 channels from which to choose when we were growing up, there would have been 11 different demands for what to watch, (this in a one television household.)
I have never found any injustice inherent in there being a final authority, who could be as arbitrary as he or she chose -- the French mother says, so I'm told, C'est moi qui décide.
Or perhaps it is because I am an actor and a singer -- it is, it must be the director, or the conductor "qui décide," most things.

I was in a large cast musical once in one of those bizarre, converted "Who Thought This Would Make a Good Theater" venues that were the bane of the theatrical community in some places, and the pit was invisible to the performers.

The music director was a genius, brilliant accompanist, so no problem on solo numbers or duets; very strong leader so no problem on ensembles.

But there was, alas, a short a capella polyphonic piece where for eight shows a week for eight long weeks, one otherwise intelligent, talented and musical performer could not be convinced to simple sing as she had been directed, not be expressive, or dramatic or whatever the hell she thought she was being when she nearly washed up on the rocks dragging another half dozen of us with her, with her creative phrasing, and new dynamics, and capricious breathing.

Me? (For all that Himself thinks I am bossy,) I love to follow the leader, I yearn to follow the leader.

I find myself one that I trust, I'll be on his six into the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

So perhaps, even had I not been fortunate enough to have been born so, there was no chance in hell I would have been anything but a Catholic.

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