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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The USCCB and Morning Prayer

A bit disappointing, the choice to begin the day with a kind of random, (and not very good,) praise song.

If you weren't going to use the proper hymn, wouldn't Veni Creator be the right way to go, considering the tasks at hand?

The Liturgy of the Hours seems to have been put together with... less than exemplary care.

There seems to be a complete ignorance in some liturgical and musical circles, of the virtues of unaccompanied  song.
If a little electric keyboard is your alternative, a capella is almost always, yes, almost ALWAYS the way to go with an intentional community, (I allow that if the attendees are merely fulfilling an obligation or obeying their parents, an instrument may be useful in an attempt to hide the lack of participation...)

I cannot but believe that a Gregorian or Meinrad tone would have elicited less fumbling, embarrassed participation.

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