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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Conscious Evolution

I freely admit, I still, after reading numerous explanations and descriptions from its adherents, do not comprehend what conscious evolution IS.

And that out of the way, NCR has a piece that, I must confess, leaves me more confused.

But this... this seems pretty clear:
One might ask why a priest like me was led to move in this direction of learning about conscious evolution.... it was an interview in The Wall Street Journal. ... Edward O. Wilson.... won two Pulitzer Prizes for his works on human nature and community while at Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology. Noting that Wilson had once written that "the predisposition to religious belief is the most powerful and complex in the human mind," The Wall Street Journal interviewer asked him: "How can religion possibly survive what science is doing?" The interviewer's bias, it seemed to me, was clear: Religion is not only irrelevant; it has a short lifespan for any who are truly aware of what science is telling us about our world. 
Wilson answered: "The more we understand from science about the way the world really works, all the way from subatomic particles up to the mind and on to the cosmos, the more difficult it is to base spirituality on our ancient mythologies." 
Reading his words elicited something visceral in me: I will not be part of something that many consider irrelevant.
The horror!
Many people consider my interests irrelevant!!!!!!
I must be interested in what most people think is important!!!!
I know, I'll see what's trending!
What is trending now??!??#?????
I must know!!!?#?$??!!!!!
(Um, Sandra Bullock's stalker, Kelly Rowland's love life, ugly guys with hot women, and one of the Duggars with a gun.... I know, because I just looked it up.)

But seriously, snarkasm off --- "I will not be part of something that many consider irrelevant"?

That's how you find guiding principles in life?

Forget being a priest, that's not how an adult approaches things.

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