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Thursday, 19 June 2014

How Easily My Mind Wonders, and Why I Need Sanctus Bells

"Oh, gee, I forgot, Mr. D doesn't kneelI'll just slide over into the next section of the pew and lower the kneelerWhat was I thinking tailoring the legs on a pair of heavy duty mens' jeans there's no spandex so a skinny leg isn't going to have room to bend at the knee properlyWho left that hymnal thereWhat in the world were they thinking repairing the spine with packing tapeThat was a lot of wok taping up all the choir hymnals that timeI wonder if the rise of the e-book has hurt Demco's businessI ought to give everyone on my Christmas list hinge tapeIf we have fewer actual books it stands to reason that the ones we do choose to possess will be all the more precious and importantI love that red tape I used to fix the sacramentaryOh bells -- I'M AT MASS THIS IS THE CONSECRATION WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME!!!!!!!!"

Incidentally, everyone SHOULD get themselves a roll of this stuff, (I think the Tyvek tape may be in theory a cut above, but I really love the paper hinge tape.)

If you have it, don't wait until you beat up a book, when you acquire something that you know will get a lot of wear, such as a basic cookbook, or a hymnal, or a dictionary, give it a little reinforcement right off the bat.
If  you know yourself, and that you're going to jam a finger in the top of the spine to yank a heavy volume out a little on the shelf get some wings, I think they are called, too.

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