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Thursday, 12 June 2014

This Is What Art Is For...

... and this is why authentic spirituality cannot but deepen your art.
And why art, the deliberate creation of beauty is so important a facet of the Christian's (and, I hope, others',) spiritual life.

Joyce DiDonato is one of those luminous performers who reach so deeply into the core of the character she plays that she helps you understand not just the character, but yourself. She delivered the commencement speech at Julliard last month.
We need you to remind us what empathy is by taking us deep into the hearts of those who are, God forbid, different than us – so that we can recapture the hope of not only living in peace with each other, but THRIVING together in a vibrant way where each of us grows in wonder and joy.
(Oh, and if you are a young performer, struggling to make your way? read what she has to say about her path.)

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