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Monday, 16 June 2014


Somehow, (not sure, but let's just say Himself is to blame,) I have been given a little notebook by Arbitron, (I don't think this information is confidential,)  to record my radio-listening...

Radio???!?#??$??? 2014???

It turns out, I listen more than I would have thought, but only ever in the car.

Since I was never into contemporary popular music, I didn't listen to the radio growing up, although I could probably hum the themes, NOTE FOR NOTE, from the classical program that my Father, (and my Mother too, some,)  listened to and the lets-get-ourselves-up-and-out-the-door morning programs that were an invariable part of those two saints getting us dozen brats to school.

In the NY area there are two news stations, (none here,) so when I was on my own I listened to that getting ready to go in the morning, and then only ever the Saturday afternoon Met broadcast.

Now, I must say I am grateful to have a Catholic radio station, that's my default if there is reception, (which I do not pretend to understand, but sometimes I do and sometimes nada.)

Oh, and I'll even leave for mass a few minutes earlier than necessary Sunday Morning to catch more of Pipe Dreams Wonderful.

(And I admit that I turn off Catholic radio when they start in on some wretched sacro-pop.)

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