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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

BurgerFi? OORAH!

In the time honored tradition of Mary Poppins, and other spoonfuls-of-sugar-dispensers... knowing, or rather, remembering that auditions are difficult and discouraging, in order that he not get into the mindset of embracing the probable futility of any individual audition, I insist Himself seek out some sort of reward at or near the locus of the audition so that regardless of theatrical/employment outcome, the trip WILL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.
Seeking out the meaty cheesy offerings of a new (to us, ) burger joint is a tried-and-true method of emotional compensation.
I can absolutely recommend Burger Fi and their "green" style is very nice indeed. (Scarfing down a massive amount of parmesan herb fries mitigates any savings on the carb front if that's your particular approach to attempted nutritional sanity....)

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