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Friday, 6 June 2014

"Oh, sorry, let me get this straight... killing people used to be AGAINST the law?"

Exactly how will Mordor, excuse me, I meant Belgium deal with cases like this now do you suppose?
From Australian blogger Paul Russell -
57 year old Deacon, Wevelgemse Ivo Poppe had been arrested and charged with 10 counts of illegal euthanasia; the deaths occurring before the Belgian law on euthanasia was introduced in 2002.
News reports today say that Poppe has confessed to killing up to 50 people in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Menen from the 1980s up to 2011. Up until 2002 Poppe was a nurse at the hospital and,thereafter worked in a part time capacity as a pastoral assistant.
Poppe has confessed to multiple acts of euthanasia which, according to reports, he noted in his diaries. His defence counsel, Filip De Reuse said today that, "My client acted out of compassion for people in a desperate situation."
The slippery slopes of society are slick with the blood of babies, born and unborn.

Another heart-sickening news story-
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Dublin, regarded as among the most influential church leaders in England and Ireland, has added his voice to those calling for an urgent inquiry into the discovery of nearly 800 babies and children buried in a septic tank at Tuam, a home for unwed mothers in western Ireland.
“If a public or state inquiry is not established into outstanding issues of concern surrounding the mother-and-baby homes, then it is important that a social history project be undertaken to get an accurate picture of these homes in our country’s history,” said Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
He also backed calls to excavate the site and set up a monument.

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