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Friday, 20 June 2014

"Common Catholic Language"

Reading promotional materials for a new initiative from the company our parish uses for religious ed, I was more than a little surprised but also DELIGHTED to read that it
Promotes common Catholic language

One of my problems with their material had been a kind of deliberate obfuscation of time-honoured catholic terminology, that actually fudged the theology, e.g. a refusal to recognize that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is called, and is "fear of the Lord";  new names for the three standard Lented practices.

So, kudos to them, (in the company's defence, the teachers manual is a few years old, and they have updated much of what I saw as errors, I bleive.)

Slightly troubling is that this new  program is "only $495!"... I am certain that catechetical materials are not a cash cow for the publisher, but that strikes me as a big chunk of change for a small parish, (which ours is not, so perhaps the offer they sent me represents a sliding scale.)

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